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The Sciences

wegener book hot air balloon wegener medal greenland iceberg
His Thermodynamics of the Atmosphere lectures
Became a standard textbook in meteorology

The Origin of Continents and Oceans
Published in 1915
Presented his theory of continental drift

Record-holding balloonist
Flew a balloon in the air for 52 hours straight
Pioneered the use of weather balloons to track air masses

The Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
Established in 1980, 100 years after his birth
Awards the Wegener Metal in his honor

Alfred Wegener Medal & Honorary Membership
Awarded by European Geosciences Union
For merit and achievements In atmospheric, hydrological, or ocean sciences

Wegener Peninsula
Greenland 71.2N, 51.83W
Named at the place of his death and burial

Wegener Stamps
Germany First issued Feb 26, 1980
Greenland First issued May 22, 2006
wegener stamp wegener stamp wegener stamp wegener stamp