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The Sciences

Alfred Wegener studied in Germany and Austria and achieved his PhD in astronomy. Soon after, he began to study meteorology and geology. Wegener’s continental drift theory however, sparked a major astrological project in the mid 1920’s. Scientist from all around the world used radio to compare local astronomical times, or times with respect to the sun. Over time they could detect any changes in the differences between 2 or more places on the earth. Since time is constant, if it changed, that would indicate a change in distance, proving that continents are moving away or towards each other. Wegener himself did not do this but, his ideas motivated astronomers to provide evidence for his then controversial ideas.

Although most of Wegener’s contributions were to the fields of meteorology and geology (despite his PhD), there are a few well known astrological features named in his honor including:

The Wegener Lunar Crater

Wegner lunar crater

The Wegener Martian Crater

Wegner martian crater